Skin Change Development

- "Variable Parts to be Changed" "Fixed Parts to be Protected" -

Cars are emotional products. 

The car is an emotional product. Vehicle dynamic performance and specification equipment are the basis for ensuring product performance. In addition, they are the technological key of automotive companies. What attracts people most is the brand image and perceived design of the product. It is the interior design and quality feeling. 

The emotional sensibilities vary widely depending on the market and customer characteristics (sex, age, taste, etc.). Therefore, automakers can maximize the use of the same platform and main equipment and provide many different products to meet diverse customer needs and realize highly profitable product development.


Low Risk, Low Cost, Short-term Development

Segula Technologies' "skin change" development method defines the "fixed part that should be protected" and the "variable part that should be changed" in the base vehicle together with the customer, and realizes the following.

  • Minimum development cost: minimization of development man-hours

  • Maximum diversion: maximization of mass production effect

  • Minimal capital investment: minimization of new molds and equipment

  • Quality taming in the shortest development period: minimization of items to be confirmed by experiments, etc.

"Variable Part To Change"
"Fixed Part To Protect"

The points that enable the above are the following:
・Integrated development of design and design
・Development management centered on the concept book

As the name suggests, skin change development only changes the part that the final consumer can see, that is the "skin", and fully utilizes the functional parts such as the platform, power train, and main equipment to minimize quality risk. We focus on the quality of the "variable part that should be changed" and never touch the "fixed part that should be protected".

Skin Change.png

After observing the direction of creative design by the customer's design department, the design (detailed design, digital modeling, etc.) that protected the "fixed part that should be protected" and the "variable part that should be changed" completes the mold design. It will be realized while utilizing the “development management process centered on the concept document” while constantly visualizing the development status of the project (new parts, variable costs, investment, development costs, etc.).

As a result, we will be able to develop products with completely different designs with significantly lower development costs and capital investment (mold costs, etc.) compared to ordinary full-scale development.

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