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Message from the Representative

Thirty-five years since its establishment in France, Segula Technologies has 13,000 designers and engineers worldwide and provides industrial design and engineering services in the fields of automotive, railways, ships, aerospace and energy. Segula Technologies is an international company, currently operating in 31 countries in 140 locations. Companies such as Technicon Design, which provides design services, Buscotech, which specializes in the electric development of heavy commercial vehicles, and the former Opel R&D center, which was a subsidiary of GM (acquired by PSA Group in 2019) have been acquired and integrated into the Segula World. Hereby, we accumulated technical know-how in a wide range of fields. 

In April 2019, Segula Japan Co. Ltd. was registered in Yokohama City to provide the above services also to Japanese client companies. We are a company that does not produce or sell products, but focuses solely on providing design and engineering services. We consider human resources to be our most valuable asset and the driving force that creates corporate value. In particular, when developing a business in a technology-oriented country such as Japan, the added value of our company is the speed and high quality in which we can provide solutions to our customers' problems. For that purpose, not only tailoring a professional team of talented engineers and designers, but also providing a wide variety of knowledge to create new ideas and a corporate culture that can provide higher added value s more important than anything else. 

Although Segula Japan is a foreign-affiliated company, Segula Japan allocates Japanese project managers who have experience in product development in an international environment. In addition, the project managers support in transfering the design and technical know-how of Segula Group Global to  Japanese companies which further contributes to the product competitiveness of Japanese companies.

Segula Japan Co., Ltd. Representative

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Noritaka Tsuru (Biography)
1982-1996 Vehicle Design Department, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
1996-2004 General Motors, Opel Division, Germany
2004-2012 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
2012-2019 Faurecia Japan Deputy Head of Interior Division
2019- Representative Segula Japan Co., Ltd.

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