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Why Segula Technologies?

5 Reasons​ why you should trust us with your engineering and design projects

High-Level Engineering

​Based on numerous experiences in Europe where engineering outsourcing is common and also through various company acquisitions, Segula Technologies can provide high-level services performed by high-level engineers. 

Integration of
Design and Engineering

We execute integrated product development with our Design Division, Technicon Design. Our objective is to realize the highest level of  "Industrial Design. 

This implies realizing design at a good perceived quality level within the best cost, and performance.

Experts from more than 31 Countries

​Over 13,000 experts belong to Segula Technologies globally, ocated in 31 countries. We are also equipped with various test facilities including Testing Grounds, and have wide networks with various companies. We will tailor the ideal team for your projects, selecting the best talents from our global resources.

Synergies of Different Competences

​The strength of International Collaboration, is the power to generate new innovative values through new ideas by creating synergies of different competences.

Our multi-national team will contribute in generating new values for you based on your technologies. 

Move the World,
from Japan

Our Project Managers located in Japan will coordinate our global team and will execute border-less product development using the approach of Virtual Engineering. 

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