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Perceived Quality of Interior


- Realizing a "Somehow Nice Feeling" -


Perceived Quality of Interior

Many European brand passenger cars have the same interior. The sensitivity of the interior is higher than that of Japanese cars. What is perceived quality? "A somehow good feeling", "feeling human sensitivity" "somehow organized", "somehow beautiful", "high sense of being in good harmony". ​ It is realized at a high cost using expensive materials. It's not the things that you do, but the designers and engineers. This is what perceptions produce, and it is generally understood that the perception is excellent.​

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Perceived Quality Development

Segula Technologies / Technicon Design has developed a number of European cars that have achieved high perceived quality, which is said to be the industry benchmark. We have a lot of know-how in areas such as the development process and the method to quantify the level. Under the creative policy of the design department of the automotive company, on the assumption that the design requirements of the design department are strictly adhered to, the perceived quality expert of Segula Technologies takes part in the development team, and the feedback cycle is timely and accurate. We will realize high perceived quality.​

Perceived Quality Evaluation

Before entering a concrete project, we recommend that you start by using our service that points out the perceived level of your product and the areas of improvement. The target vehicle type of your company and its competing vehicles (mainly European vehicles) are actually lined up, and a panel evaluation of about 10 people is carried out to collect data and quantify the level of perceived quality by category. In addition, our Perceived Quality (PQ) experts will compare the design of key points with other companies, and point out the factors of the quantified evaluation results.

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