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Powertrain Control Development


​- How to Combine the Real World and MBSE -

MBSE As One Of The Means

The situation on the power train continues to change, in areas such as various electrification aimed at reducing environmental load and improving performance, and integrated control with vehicles. Utilizing system engineering has been attracting attention as a method for efficiently developing complicated systems. MILS, SILS, HILS, VILS, etc. are actively moving toward the development of the V-shaped process on the left side by simulation in software virtual space. In some cases, there are some cases where the methodology utilizing MBSE works by itself and does not necessarily lead to the efficiency improvement of actual development.


How to Combine Real World and MBSE

Especially in RDE and OBD development, which will be even stricter in the future, it seems impossible to overcome the control development specialized in MBSE. At Segula Technologies, we will carefully analyze the control development efforts of each company and propose a development method that matches the actual situation by combining MBSE experts with real world development knowledge.
On top of that, we support the development of powertrain control concept construction, system/ subsystem definition, plant model design and  evaluation, algorithm design, project application, and physical evaluation to meet the needs of each company.

We are able to support on-site development and remote development by involving specialists of the Segula Global Group. In addition, Japanese specialists will guarantee a smooth communication with Japanese customers.

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