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Technicon Design


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Global Presence

Technicon Design is the design branch of Segula Technologies. With a presence in 9 countries and more than 300 experts, Technicon Design provides design solutions to more than 40 clients worldwide. In 2020, we started the business development in the 10th country, namely Japan. In 2019, Technicon Design generated a global turnover of 4 billion JPY. Our design services can be provided either at our Technicon Design studio or at the customer's premise, depending on the needs.

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Technicon Design offers three types of design services:

1. Studio Services:
Work Packages & Turn Key Projects,

a team tailored for your needs.

2. Staffing Services:
Professional international designers,

international competence locally.

3. Academy Services: 

Digital design software training,

keeping your staff up to date.

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Our Global Clients

Technicon Design provides design solutions and support to customers all over the world. Our main clients are key players in the automotive industry but also in others such as aerospace and railway. 

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