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Vehicle Performance,
Test and Validation

Vehicle and Powertrain Test Development in Germany

The significance of developing in Europe, where automotive technological trends were born, is increasing year by year. In terms of vehicle performance, there are many demands such as high speed tests between cities, tests in various environments such as extremely low temperature and high altitude, and post-Euro6, RDE application to reduce environmental load.

On the other hand, in an environment where resource concentration and selection are required, such as various electrification, ADAS/AD, V2X, IOT, shift from goods to things, outsourcing to powerful organizations has become a trend in Japan as well. In addition, Segula Technologies Germany (former Opel R&D Center) will support the challenges that the Japanese automobile industry faces, such as diversifying engineering power and reducing new capital investment.

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In 2019, Segula Group acquired the former Opel R&D center platform and powertrain-related development and testing organizations including 700 platform and powertrain engineers. 


  • Comprehensive test course (Dudenhofen PG)

  • Various experimental facilities (Rüsselsheim R&D center) 45 engine test benches 15 chassis dynamos (Altitude (up to 5,000 m), extremely low temperature (-30 °C) environment support)

  • NVH comprehensive test site including anechoic chamber Collision safety test site

  • Exciting endurance equipment EMC, etc.

In the old Opel era, GM has a track record of developing many vehicles and powertrains for the whole world, including vehicle development for North America, and it has become possible for all verification tests required by automotive companies. The development base is located in the suburbs of Frankfurt, the financial center of Germany. In addition, Japanese specialists will guarantee a smooth communication with Japanese customers.

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