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Creativity on Demand​

- Studio Services -

Technicon Design provides studio services in the nine major design  disciplines:

  1. Trend Analysis

  2. Layout and Packaging

  3. Sketches & Rendering

  4. Color & Trim

  5. HMI

  6. CAS Modeling - VRED

  7. Clay Modeling

  8. Studio Engineering

  9. A-Class Surfacing

  10. Show Car and Prototyping


Single disciplines only as well as the overall total process can be performed by our experts all around the world.

studio services 2.JPG

 Our Studio Service

Interior PQ.png

Perceived Quality of Interior

Realizing "Somehow to nice feeling"

HMI design 3.png

HMI Design & Development

Realizing innovative UI/UX


​Skin Change Development

"Variable Parts to be Changed" "Fixed Parts to be Protected"

TD worldwide1.png

Customer Window

Japanese design employees located in the studio in Yokohama will represent the customer window between the Japanese client and Technicon Design Global.


Our employees will be responsible for the project management, an overall smooth process and all communication matters. 

By providing a mix of proximity to the Japanese Client as well as International Design Skills and Knowledge, we guarantee the highest quality of deliverables and satisfaction.

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