Segula Japan Ltd.

Innovation of Design and MONOZUKURI

Segula Japan is a Japanese subsidiary of Segula Technologies, a global group that provides design and engineering to companies and organizations in various industries.

By maximum use of the group's global organizational strength, we provide world-class design and technological development capabilities, and contribute to innovate product competitiveness for the Japanese companies.


We provide Design and Engineering service, starting from the concept design (exterior / interior), up to upper body development, prototyping, test & validation and production engineering. 





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Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle



Advanced Engineering

Development of future technologies, in wide range of areas. More than 300 projects every year.

Segula Technologies Design Division-Technicon Design

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With a 40-year history, Technicon Design has design studios in 9 countries, with 300+ designers, digital modelers.

Our services consists of

- Staffing

- Studio Services

- Academy (Training)

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